P+L Studio

Rune Artist | Embroidery, sculpture + micro-patterns

Helmed by Cyrielle Leclère, P+L Studio’s specialty lies in the innovation of traditional craft. Their team of skilled craftspeople produce exceptional, primarily bespoke work, which utilizes flexible materials to create complex sculpture and micro-patterns. Perhaps best known for pushing the limits of traditional embroidery technique, they often produce large scale installation work and scenography. P+L finds inspiration in the endless possibilities afforded by combining fabric, leather, porcelain, wood, metal, and glass.

A graduate of l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Cyrielle and her talented team take pride in their discretion regarding residential and marine work. Their collaborations with retail and hospitality brands have been displayed at the Crillon Hotel, in the Orlov, Monaco boutique, and beyond.

The Collection